Dream High
6.22.2011 @ 08.25

Long time no see bloggers(; It's been really busy. A lot of good things --and bad things-- have happened while I'm not blogging. Yea, I proudly say that I'm a student at the senior high school that I wanna get in, SMAN8Jakarta, and I am grade PK1 at YPM. Quite like a dream.

So, I've been obsessed with classical music lately. As you know (or don't know, nevermind) I wanna get in Bandung Institute of Technology, or ITB. But I've been thinking that it would be really cool if I go to music institute. If I'm gonna do music, emphasize the word IF, I'm really interested in some conservatories. St. Petersburg or Moscow Conservatory are really prestigious and I really want to go there in the future. Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Profokiev, and many amazing composers and pianists went there in their days! But sadly, those are located at Russia and there's Russian language requirements and bloody hell, that crap is really hard to learn. I think it's even harder than Chinese, and Chinese is really really hard. So I think I'm gonna target the universities at English-speaking countries. Juilliard and Royal Conservatory are really prestigious as well, but I don't think their alumnus are as WOW as the Russian conservatories. Well yea, Royal Conservatory produces David Foster, Diana Krall, and many notable artists, and Juilliard's alumni are really amazing as well, but I don't admire them as much as I admire St. Petersburg or Moscow Conservatory's people.

Ah, if I'm not gonna do music, I mean I will play music forever, it's a part of my life already, but I won't do that for a living, I think I'm gonna study technology. I've loved Maths and Physics ever since I knew those stuffs, and I think it would be suitable for me. If I target Indonesian universities, it's gonna be ITB. My, umm, international target is MIT. Yes I know it's incredibly hard to get there, but nothing's impossible right? Moreover, there's an alumni from my Senior High School that get accepted there, so I CAN be the next one. OR I would go to English universities! Why? So I can meet Prince Harry and he'll fall in love with me and......never mind. That's just a really shallow reason. Maybe I would go to Cambridge and meet Skandar Keynes~ Oh no, he will be graduated by then.

And those were my dreams for the future, but in the end I'll just give all of these dreams to the hand of God, for He knows what's best for me. I think that's it then! Ciao!

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